National Assoc. for the Exchange of Ind. Resources

National Association for Exchange of Industrial Resources (NAEIR) is a nonprofit organization that collects and distributes the over stocked inventories from different Corporations in United States. It distributes these supplies to schools, churches and other charitable institutions. NAEIR was found in 1977 by an aircraft parts manufacturing executive named Norbert C Smith.

It is located in Galesburg, Illinois. Currently NAEIR has over 100 paid members and three directors. Laverne Smith is the chairman whereas Gary Smith is the President, CEO and director of the organization. The corporate relations are headed by Cruz Ramos.

Corporate entities like Microsoft, General Electric, Gillette, Fuller Industries and Pendaflex etc have joined hands with NAEIR for exchange of industrial resources. Since its inception, NAIER has managed to redistribute goods worth over 2 billion US dollars. This is not a simple task to achieve. Today NAEIR receives donations from over 7500 corporate houses and redistributes it among 9500 members.

It is easy to become a member of National Association for Exchange of Industrial Resources by paying the membership fee and agreeing to bear the shipping charges. NAEIR will ship the goods to the member. However, the goods are absolutely free. Corporate houses will benefit from tax redemptions on the merchandise that they have donated to these organizations.

Before becoming a member of NAEIR, one needs to understand that it is a non-profit organization. However, there are many advantages in it. The goods are distributed on first come first serve basis. Once a person puts in a request for the supplies that they are looking for, the operating team at NAEIR will take care of the rest.

A member of NAEIR will get free access to different merchandise donated by the different corporate houses. NAEIR has effectively distributed millions worth of overstocked inventories to needy organizations. The organization has certainly proven worthy for the needy individuals as well as institutions.


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