Purpose of the National Assoc. for the Exchange of Ind. Resources

There are a number of corporate houses that have excessive inventory lying unused in their warehouses. On the other hand there are numerous schools and charities that are short of these inventories. There needs to be a channel or a link that connects the excess supply to the pertinent demand. This is where the National Association for the Exchange of Industrial Resources ( NAEIR) comes into the picture.

NAEIR was founded with the aim of channelizing the overstocked inventory in U.S corporations to the needy schools, churches and other charities. The founder of this non-profit organization, Mr. Norbert C Smith, worked as a corporate gifting consultant. He once realized that this unused and excess inventory could help thousands of needy people. The organization would benefit from the tax redemption that is associated with the donated merchandise.

The sole aim of National Association for Exchange of Industrial Resources is to redistribute the excess inventory in such a way that the needy individuals are benefited. NAEIR uses sophisticated technology to redistribute these excess goods. All the goods are allotted on first come first serve basis.

Members can put in their requirements on the NAEIR website. The needy organizations or charities can become a member of this organization by paying the membership fee and bearing the minimal shipping charges that are associated with the delivery of the merchandise. In other words, these charitable organizations get merchandise worth thousands of dollars absolutely free.

The organization has successfully roped in over 7500 corporate entities to donate excess merchandise. NAEIR has helped the organizations in fulfilling their corporate social responsibility in a unique way. Over the years, NAEIR has been the helping hand for hundreds of smaller organizations and institutions which are in dire need of these excess goods. More and more charities are looking forward to join NAEIR and make it even stronger.


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